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China Africa Partnerships and Summits works with Chinese investors and global trade summits to strengthen partnerships and trade between China and Asia and African nations to promote the goals of Africa50 - to accelerate new partnerships and investments across key infrastructure in Africa. AFRICA50 INFRASTRUCT China Africa Partnerships and Summits focus on opportunities across infrastructure in Africa that can be exploited by Chinese, Asian, and African investors and governments in win-win partnerships.
Africa50 CHINA Africa Partnerships and Summits is a high level digital and print publications, and an interactive Network Business Directory distributed to half a million subscribers; and in delegates and governments packs; and on giant screens at major world conferences and exhibitions inside Africa, China and other third countries such as Korea and the EU. The project goals are to (a) channel financiers and investors from China and Asia to partner Africa50 Infrastructure projects across Africa...
One belt Road logo
African nations currently enjoying bilateral relations with China will require stronger positioning in regard to China’s One Belt One Road project in order to gain strategic influence and to maximize investment flows from the trillion dollar infrastructure projects. Deep exposition of infrastructure opportunities, programs and projects controlled by African Development Bank, Africa50, and governments of Africa will be required to determine best forms of collaborations, partnerships and sustainability with China’s Belt and Road.
May Bird May Bird - Director, China Belt and Road
May Bird is responsible for Managing Times Publications Group's partnership with China's Belt and Road trillion dollar global infrastructure projects. May has more than 20-year experience working in journalism and public relations in China and Europe. She will use her international experience to support investors and governments navigate opportunities generated by China's Belt and Road, to gain strategic influence and partnerships to bridge infrastructure gaps.


Doing Business in Africa: Ten Things No One Ever Told You
Doing Business in Africa: Ten Things No One Ever Told You
You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve heard the news: Africa is a hot economic commodity. “It’s the next China or Dubai,” you say over the water cooler at work.
Do and Talk Business, Invest and Start a Business in Africa Now!
Do and Talk Business, Invest and Start a Business in Africa Now!
It keeps up-to-date with new additions or news about Business opportunities in African countries. It is also your space to share with other your ideas and experiences about Doing Business in Africa.
What Makes Ethiopia The World’s Best Spot For Tourism?
What Makes Ethiopia The World’s Best Spot For Tourism?
You would be forgiven for thinking it was Spain, Thailand or Italy. But this year the accolade of World Best Tourism Destination has been given to a surprising candidate: Ethiopia.

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