Economic crisis and commodity downswings: Can local content policies provide a transformative solution for Africa?

The current commodity slowdown has once again laid to bare the structural weaknesses of a number of African resource-rich economies. But can this misfortune be turned around, and this time permanently if countries adapt their strategy by leveraging their resources to create more economic linkages? This article suggests that local content can be an efficient policy tool to make the difference.

Posted on 05 July 2016 by Isabelle Ramdoo

Africa: Trading beyond preferences

Debates preceding the June 2015 renewal of the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), a US Government initiative to enhance market access for qualifying Sub-Saharan African countries, centered on the unilateral nature of the initiative. Unlike a negotiated trade deal, the US Government under AGOA decides what countries and what products are eligible. With African countries having signed Economic Partnership Agreements with the European Union, it is not hard to imagine that it is unlikely for AGOA to be renewed beyond 2025 – at least not in its current form.

Posted on 21 June 2016 by Memory Dube

Relaxing Visa Regulations: An imperative to push Africa’s integration agenda and unlock the continent’s economic potential

As world leaders gather in Kigali to attend the World Economic Forum for Africa, the free movement of people across the continent, a top priority in the vision for Africa set in Agenda 2063, will undoubtedly be at the heart of discussions.

Posted on 21 June 2016 by Moono Mupotola

From rocks to industries: How can the extractive industries be a platform for African industrialisation?

Industrialisation is back. After decades when policy efforts were mostly focused on macroeconomic stability and opening up markets, the success of industrial policies in emerging Asian markets highlighted the importance of a concerted effort for Africa to climb up the global value chains and diversify away from reliance on raw commodities. The Africa Union’s Agenda 2063 puts value addition and industrialisation at the centre of its vision for a prosperous continent, setting a target for Africa to generate 10% of global manufacturing by 2050. The African Development Bank has made industrialisation one of its “High Five” priorities – along with energy and power, agricultural transformation, regional integration, and improvements in quality of life – setting out an ambition to help raise industrial Africa’s GDP by 130% by 2025.

Posted on 15 April 2016 by Pietro Toigo

Can extractive resources help integrate Africa?

Throughout the price boom of the 2000s, extractive resources (mining, oil and gas) were seen as assets that African Governments needed to leverage more effectively for development outcomes. This view has persisted even through the current price slump that began in 2011. Often, however, this concern is seen as a national issue – mineral assets are held by governments on behalf of their citizens. Is there a regional dimension to exploitation of extractive resources? What is the role of regional economic blocs in the extractive industries, and what are the rewards for integration and coordination in the sector? I would argue that there is plenty of room for regional coordination, and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) are beginning to notice.

Posted on 21 June 2016 by Pietro Toigo

Mobile App ’Dig That Gold’ rewards players with tangible 24k gold as rewards

"Dig That Gold," was first launched in the UK by game developer Project M in September. In the mobile game, players work to collect virtual gold by mining and sifting through the minerals. In reality, however, the materials collected from the game will be rewarded by real 24k gold.

Posted on 25 January 2018 by International Business Times


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